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After an underground car park was converted into a bike centre at a British Columbia campus, there was worry that nesting swallows who used the space as their home wouldn’t be able to get in and out. After all, a pair of automatic doors were installed. And birds didn’t know how to use those doors, right? Wrong!

Watch this video and see just how smart these swallows are. Not only do they figure out how to make the doors open for them to fly outside, but they also hover around the doors on the other side to trigger the outdoor motion detectors.

We always knew corvids were pretty smart, but now we can add swallows to that intelligence list.

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Honoring birds killed by skyscrapers

In her time volunteering with a birdwatching group dedicated to making Baltimore a safe city for migrating birds, artist Lynne Parks collected birds killed by skyscrapers and decided to photograph them to show the tragedy of the phenomenon. ‘I wanted to emphasize the individual… I want to honor them as well as inform about the issue’. Her hope is to inspire bird-friendly designs in buildings, such as UV-reflecting glass.

Dead birds

Dead birds

Dead birds

Dead birds

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Taxidermy birds with hairdos

I’m not sure how I feel about this, but it certainly deserves a second look. ‘Using mixed materials like plumage, hair, gold, and paint’, New Zealand artist Karley Fever creates ‘exotic creatures and nests with a strangely familiar and surreal aesthetic’. Surreal is right! Some of these birds have extraordinary hairdos such as ponytails, dreadlocks and braids.

‘I am interested in the scientific, intellectual and aesthetic reasons behind the re-creation of the animal’, Fever says. ‘I am exploring how each one could exist in a domestic setting by adapting to their surroundings’.

Bird Taxidermy hair style

Bird Taxidermy hair style

Bird Taxidermy hair style

Bird Taxidermy hair style

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The stunning birds of papercraft plummage

The stunning birds of papercraft plummage

If you have low self-esteem because you were never really good at arts and crafts, look away now. Diana Beltran Herrera has been fascinated with birds since she was a child. Eventually, these animals inspired her to recreate their beautiful and elegant forms through her realistic sculptures. What she does is she first creates a base model, then adds in feathers via papercraft plumage.

It is a painstaking process to mimic the arrangement of hundreds of feathers and the fine details of a bird’s eyes, beaks, and legs. The 26-year old artist says that the bigger the bird, the longer it takes. She has recreated hundreds of species including, blue jays, birds of paradise, golden hummingbirds, blue herons, cardinals, flamingos, quetzals, red-bellied woodpeckers, and many more.

paper crafted blue bird

paper crafted bird in flight

close up of black papercrafted bird

red bird with black feathers papercrafted

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Eagle tattoo on chest by David Hale

When looking at David Hale’s tattoos, it looks like he grabbed a thin marker and began drawing on his clients. His work resembles ink on paper (with fluid lines and pen-type fill), and it is quite impressive how tattooing has evolved over the years. Hale’s art themes revolve around nature from organic patterns to animals, and it is clear that he has a special liking to birds as he named his studio Love Hawk, which is located in Athens, GA, United States.

Skull Indian tattoo on back by David Hale
Tattoo by David Hale
Geometric Fish by David Hale
Lizard tattoo by David Hale
Eagle tattoo on back by David Hale



Photos © David Hale

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Flower petal bird by Hong Yi 2

I have featured a number of artwork by Malaysian artist Hong Yi, such as coffee and sock portraits, food art, and more. She is internationally known for making art using daily objects and kitchen ingredients—and her latest project includes the use of flower petals to create various birds. You can view more images from this series at Instagram.

Flamingo kiss, couple, Flower petal birds by Hong Yi

Blue bird, Flower petal bird by Hong Yi

Flower petal bird by Hong Yi

Flamingo, Flower petal bird by Hong Yi

Photos © Hong Yi

Pink Flamingo Reflection in Water

Continuing the series of reflection photos (e.g. Cityscapes and Natural Landscapes), this time I have included birds. From flamingos lining up for a picture in India, to pelicans beautifully reflecting in Lake Nakuru in Kenya. No image was digitally composed, these are the real snapshots.

Photo by Nitin Prabhudesai. These flamingos were located in Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, India.

Black-headed gull reflection

“Black-headed Gull, a picture by Reyltar taken in Saint-Quentin-en-Tourmont, France.

Bird reflected in water

A photo of a Reddish Egret by Michael Skelton—Ft DeSoto Park Tierra,Verde, Florida.

Avocet reflection

Photo by Kruissink.

Birds reflected in water by Michell Krog

Photo by Mitchell Krog. “I captured these pelicans on the shores of Lake Nakuru one morning shortly after sunrise. There was not a breath of wind which lead to a perfect mirror reflection on the water surface."

Photos © respective owners

Public bench with bird control: art by Nadia Kaabi-Linke

Anyone who thinks they can simply lie down briefly on a public bench is already being sabotaged: the benches are deliberately too short for this, or the public benches are being interrupted by ‘comfortable’ armrests. Into our obsession with control and security and what that can ultimately derail comes Nadia Kaabi-Linke’s impressive artwork, Parkverbot (looted art). It captures our schizophrenic Western society in a nutshell, constantly talking about values such as freedom and peace but at the same time correcting the symbol of this – the Dove – by using the tools of an animal abuser.




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So Neels Castillon was shooting a commercial with Mathias Touzeris in Marseille, France, when a massive flock of starlings turned up and started a mass aerial display. The technical term for the dance is ‘murmuration’, and Alt-J’s Hand-made makes a really good soundtrack for the birds’ ensemble performance.

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Tats: Birds But No Bees

Fox tattoo by by Miss Tiny Becca

Birds and roses are predominant themes in Tiny Miss Becca’s tattoos. Her style is neo-traditional with influences of vintage portraiture and children’s books. And if you are interested in getting inked by her, she is owner of Janye Doe studio in Hornchurch, northeast London, England.

See also: “Stick a Finger in Heart."

Owl Tattoo and cross with animal by by Miss Tiny Becca

Chest tattoo with rib cage and birds by by Miss Tiny Becca

Triangle with eye and roses by by Miss Tiny Becca

Duck Tattoo on Shoulder by Miss Tiny Becca

Edgar Allan Poe tattoo by by Miss Tiny Becca

Photos © Tiny Miss Becca

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